About Us

Our founder Alice discovered that many of her friends in the United States were purchasing wigs online, and she was surprised to find that many of these wigs came from her hometown. She felt proud of her hometown, but unfortunately, her friends often complained about the poor quality of the wigs they purchased. They paid a high price but did not receive the product they deserved. Alice was very angry and felt that she could not let these bad manufacturers tarnish her hometown. In order to ensure that her friends could buy wigs that matched the price they paid, she returned to her hometown after graduation and founded rishi hair
  Initially, the brand was not successful, and many people did not believe that a young girl could successfully start a brand. Even her family advised her to give up this absurd idea. She felt discouraged, but when she thought of the disappointed expressions on her friends' faces after purchasing poor quality wigs, she persisted. Starting with her first purchase of wigs for her friends, she tried to buy wigs with the same specifications from seven different wig factories, and selected one factory with suitable quality and price. She happily sent the wigs to her friends, and of course, she received positive feedback from them. She became more determined to create her own brand to benefit more friends. Her friends introduced her to new customers, and through word of mouth, she started to receive new orders. However, a problem arose: because she purchased a small quantity of wigs, the factory always put her orders at the end of the queue, sometimes for several weeks. One of her customers was getting married soon, and through a friend's recommendation, she bought a lace wig from Alice. However, due to factory problems, the customer did not receive the wig before the wedding, and she was very angry. Alice received her first negative review since the founding of her brand. As time passed, more problems like this arose, and she had to solve them.

  She wanted to establish her own production line. Her mother saw her determination to help more people and resigned from her job to help her establish the factory. Her brother couldn't bear to see his sister working too hard, so he came to help her. This was how the first generation of her factory was born.

  As time passed, the small factory, which originally only had a few people, developed into a wig manufacturer with 400 employees. However, what did not change was the initial intention of helping more people buy wigs that matched the price they paid, and the determination of the founder to never give up.

  In 2019, through a charity organization, we found two cancer patients who had lost their beautiful hair during chemotherapy. The high cost of treatment did not allow them to invest money in wigs, so they could only wear hats every day. After learning about their situation, we immediately decided to donate wigs to the two patients. Becoming beautiful is every woman's dream, and we can only do a little to help them through this method.
  In the future, we will pay more attention to cancer patients who lose their hair due to illness. If you need help, please contact us.

Email: service@lummiwig.com


Working Hours: we work from 10am-7pm US daylight savings time.